This Healthway funded project involves the development and implementation of a comprehensive, community-based parent-targeted intervention. The aims of the intervention are:

  1. To educate parents and community members about the negative effects of early alcohol initiation.
  2. To correct misperceptions around ‘teaching’ children to drink safely.
  3. To empower parents and community members with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to provide a strong and unified message of non-provision of alcohol to children and teenagers.

Who is running the project?

The project is led by Professor Sandra Jones, Director of ACU’s Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR). The project is managed by Sabine Pircher. Other key personnel include Jo Telenta, Liz Wenden (project management support), Sanela Cuplovic (research assistance), and Josh Beard (graphic design and website development).

Why are we running this project?

There is increasing evidence that parents provide alcohol to children and teenagers, and that many do so in the belief that allowing children to consume small quantities of alcohol under supervision will protect them from future harmful drinking. However, there is increasing evidence that this is not the case, and that the earlier children are introduced to alcohol the more (and the more harmfully) they drink.

When is it happening?

The project commenced in January 2014 – starting with formative research in the City of Armadale (with parents, general community members, GPs and teachers to develop the program messages and materials) and baseline data collection (measuring community knowledge and attitudes).

The intervention was launched at the Kelmscott Show in October 2016 where the project team gave away over 1000 units of Armadale says NO branded merchandise. 700 show bags were distributed, together with audio messages promoted over the show’s public announcement system.

The intervention has also included traditional advertising (local press, billboard advertising), internal and external stakeholder communications and intervention material distribution to community centres and local GP clinics.

A calendar mail-out to 25,000 households in the City of Armadale took place before the Christmas holidays.